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Empty Bowls

The Empty Bowls project convenes professional artists, teachers, students and community members to craft clay bowls for donation to local food banks.  The food banks then sell the bowls to supplement their programs.  This particular event was held in November 2023 at Dallas College-Eastfield Campus.  Our partners at Trinity Ceramic Supply assisted with logistical assistance, and helped to connect us to the North Texas Food Bank, who sells the bowls to benefit their programs.  At these events, a modest ladle of soup is purchased with every bowl, to remind everyone that some bowls still remain empty.

This cause is close to my heart.  I have used food banks since 2008.  As a public educator with student loans, I continue to use food banks.  I understand food insecurity and the tax that it exacts from lower-income families, and seek to apply my labor to counteract it.  I have contributed to this cause in Pennsylvania, Florida and now Texas.  Before I earned my first full-time teaching post, I told myself that I would use my position to benefit my neighbors.  Now, I organize and administer this event to fulfill this community-oriented mission.

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