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I teach for the conversations; the connection with others.  I believe teaching and learning are partnered activities.  Collaborating with others over the practice, theory and history of art is a highly engaged form of art education.  Through this reciprocal relationship, I can use dialogue to reinforce curiosity within students to develop lifelong learning habits.  I also hope to be challenged; to hear fresh perspectives, and to learn from the innovative cultural forms of the next generation of creatives.

Fostering a growth mindset is embedded within the syllabus. Course modules start with interactive demonstrations and exercises to build skills and confidence.  Eventually, the modules culminate with students creating their own works based upon the early demonstrations.  Modules build in complexity over time, requiring students to perform research and collaborate with one another to solve studio problems.  As courses progress, my role evolves from instructional to documentary as students take ownership of their projects.

As a professor and community member, I celebrate a range of backgrounds, beliefs and orientations.  When validated within the studio or classroom, these myriad identities enrich the environment with their perspectives and cultural contexts.  In my experience, this reinforces social trust and models tolerance for others; valuable currency in an interactive classroom.

I wield studio affairs as an inroad into professional skills relevant to the business of art and design.  Critical thinking, communication and collaboration are learned alongside studio projects.  Discussions, written responses, critiques, and digital interfaces mimic professional environments, where a combination of meetings, presentations, and group projects coalesce to form the day-to-day duties of many careers.

Once students can thoughtfully develop ideas and solve problems creatively, they will be prepared not only for studio careers, but jobs at museums, galleries and nonprofit centers.  In addition to studio skills, t
he writing, teamwork, communication and project management practiced in class are transferrable to a range of vocations outside of the arts.


Sculpture/3D Design

2D Design

Performance and Participatory Art